Digital color Illustration

Background - 2 characters

$ 50
Extra characters
$ 15 per character

Comic page (color)

$ 50 per page
Inked Illustration
$ 30
Pencil sketch
$ 15



To get it started, please send me an Email to talk about your idea at [email protected] - I can accept PayPal eChecks at [email protected], instant money transfers or a money order payable in US funds. (Sorry, no credit cards.)

I am offering the digitized version of your commissioned illustration. You or I can cancel or postpone the transaction at any time before I begin work on the final version. I retain the copyright and all worldwide rights to the illustration...
...but I will not sell or mass-distribute copies of your image in the real world without your permission. I would like to include a "thumbnail" image of it on my web page. All final artwork becomes your property (other than the right to print it or license it for commercial use). I am a student, so there will be times when I cannot work on commissions as quickly as at other times. I will do my best to give you true estimates of how long it will take to complete your illustration.

Thank you for your interest!